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A modern educational innovation has become popular in recent years and offers an innovative and convenient form of adult lifelong learning: “monetization of knowledge” (MOK). By Muhammad Hamza Khan For centuries, education has played a dominant role in Chinese culture. Learning has been seen as central to ethical well-being, leading …

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Online Learning in Pandemic COVID-19

By: Zeeshan Rustam Pakistan is facing political, educational, socio-economic crises in the lockdown in the consequences of plague COVID-19. The formal educational institutions are shut down and grappling with faculty to switch on online classes. They are striving to prevent student’s educational loss incalculable lockdown. Higher Education Commission has conveyed …

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A Bird’s Eye View on Sino-Indian Squabble

By: Zeeshan Rustam The Sino-Indian border dispute is ongoing from the past eight decades. The disputed area between China and India is Aksai Chin (Either located in Ladakh or Xinjiang) and south of the McMahon Line formally known as North-East Frontier Agency and now called Arunachal Pradesh. Recently, a fierce …

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By: Zeeshan Rustam The first person who is contracted to coronavirus in China was fifty-five years old. This infection was brought out in China in late November 2019 and reached the whole world readily. Like Ebola Virus it has an intensive negative impact on education, economic, political, and societal. According …

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Pakistan & Fatal Breast cancer

By: Zeeshan Rustam Pakistani women are more vulnerable to breast cancer in Asia. More than 40,000 women succumb to breast cancer. The government of Pakistan should take strict measures against the disease. The government should make ensure the accessibility of every individual woman to the prevention and treatment method including …

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Human Rights & Our Standing

By: Zeeshan Rustam Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf won the election with the highest number of seats in the parliamentary election and elected Imran Khan as prime minister of Pakistan. Khan pledged in his election speech to make economic development and social justice a priority. Targeted law enforcement agencies and religious minority killings …

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How to Avoid Gender Discrimination?

By Saher Mukhtar Gender discrimination is the unequal behavior in a society on the basis of gender. Mostly women become the target of gender disrimination.Gender discrimination is faced by women on their working places oftenly.It is also happen in their houses and even in the educational institutions. Ways to Avoid …

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