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A few straight forward questions!

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By Maaz Ahmad

Do we have adequate statistics to plan and develop the future of education system in Pakistan? Can we know the authenticity of those statistics? It is very easy to say with a fancy accent that students have to hold the realm of Pakistani society in future but modern world demands to be having adequate information about how higher government officials are going to be taking care of the unseen.

Nothing really changes by merely uttering wishes about a dream system that may give us a perfect picture of how the future of our dream country should look like. Having a passion and sense of responsibility to change what is not good is undoubtedly the first step towards the better future yet the question which is mind-boggling, leaves every mindful person in a state of disquiet. Do what to kill the worry? Be generous enough to build up engagement with the people of Pakistan. Let them know you care not just by saying it but putting your thoughts along with Facts and Figures before them as to take them into the confidence.

A few questions that are bothering me and possibly many like me out there who are so weak that they can’t do anything other than writing it to the powerful people and institutions. Firstly, I would like to shed light on the health sector and its facilitation to the people of Pakistan. More than 50 million people suffering from mental disorders and to take care of them there are only 400 well trained psychiatrists.

Either the stats are incorrect or more than 100 medical colleges are not able to produce sufficient back up for taking care of mental health problems of the people of Pakistan. But it should be told to the people in a very clear manner. We know you care but tell us what is being done and how it is being done as to provide us with a healthier future.

Secondly, I would like to voice the education system of Pakistan and this question is also linked to my first question. Educational institutions. Do we have a sufficient amount of Lawyers, Policemen, Social Scientists, Poets, Artists, IT Experts and Trained Professionals of Modern Sciences? If yes that’s very good, But do we not have the right to know about it? There is no Harm in sharing the stats officially, isn’t it? Why on earth more people every year go abroad to get themselves a feather in their hat? Can We not provide that level of education? Is there a need of introducing Degrees in new disciplines of studies.

Thirdly, I have listened to a Higher Official of police addressing to the innocent people of Pakistan for how they should secure their social media from other Pakistanis. Who are we left with? Polls and Trees? Its people with people within Pakistan nobody from another part of the Earth. His speech has made me distressed in which he is expressing his department’s incompetence to take care of the social media and its usage in Pakistan.

On top of that, there has been an overburdened software program given to them policemen so that they could get themselves trained to earn respect among the people of Pakistan. This software program has it all, Human Resource Management System, E-challan, Criminal Record mapping, Police Official Profile management System, Payroll system what not. It has almost everything which a perfect system must have. I am glad about this endeavor.

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