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All is well: A truth of a masquerade

Letter to the Editor

To Whom It May Concern

9 Months of profound impression has been full of happenings after election 2018 in Pakistan. Cultural events, arrival of foreign ambassadors, international political expeditions, 3 day war and human rights activities. It has been almost everything which could have been expected that a first time ruling party might be subjected to. Conspicuous dimensions of looking at this 9 months tenure are “Role of media professionals in setting up premises to acclimatize the people of Pakistan to the change they have been wanting to experience from a very long time”. “Role of notables and influencers of our society” and “The Armed forces”. 

All their efforts have been reciprocated goodly by our society. It has helped depicting a true image of democracy and the projected image of the future has been vividly embraced by people of the country. People seem to be trivializing baseless reasons to squabble over political issues now and everybody appears to be more enthusiastic about how the individual contribution can help, to leap Pakistan move ahead briskly. Just to make sure we are going into the right direction we will have to continuously keep checking our individual and national objective time and again. Without detouring we will need to set that dividing line before every ’emotionally important’ aspect of our democratic national life and it shall have to be protected at any cost. 

How far can we go in tolerating western cultural domination for there is no other way except reiterating the existing system in place until it becomes how we have always wanted it to be. To me, being intellectually inspired is not bad at all but what stops you from improving your self and makes you dependent for an uncertain period of time is the worse form of slavery. As far as people are concerned, there seems to be no problem with feminism taking over offices, businesses and all other walks of life where masculinity has been taking advantage in the past. People have started accepting all sorts of ironies.

Terrorism has now been annihilated after a struggle of a very long time. At least in urbanized areas, we are no more afraid of religious extremism and Machiavellian leaders. Pakistan is having the best time and hopefully, it is going to last long. 


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