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Animated Movies are good for you!

By Rutaba

Animation! It’s quite popular, the categories of movies are allotted to a certain stage of a human being. Animation or cartoons are for the kids, 18+ rated movies or the movies with not such content that may have a bad influence on their character or personality, and the rest of the movies are for the adults. This division is to a certain level is very much appropriate but the strictness of associating the animated movies with the kids only should be altered or restructured.

Animated movies of Hollywood are of very high quality. The animated movies they make contains very rich content. Before making any movie the consequences and the influence of it should be kept in mind. Almost every animation of Hollywood provides us with a new perspective every time. They have been making movies on various lives, cultures, eras and many more. By making such movies, they try to make us see through the eyes of the protagonist, either it’s an animal, a rodent, an insect, toys, the deadly creatures like vampires, ghosts, monsters, and even the emojis in one’s phone. You name it! They have covered a major part of our lives and have turned that into something extraordinary.

Take Disney princesses for instance, you’ll find from the fairest to the darkest, from the most educated to the so-called uncivilised or illiterate. They come from different lives, present different cultures and hence, make us look through their eyes. “Pocahontas”, a young girl from the American Indian tribe, who fights to save her homeland. Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”, a common girl but not so common, who gives priority to the inner beauty and richness rather than the outer beauty and gold.

Forwarding a little bit to the movies of this century, “Ratatouille”, a movie about the life of a rodent told by his own words and the cherry on the top is that it loves to cook. His struggles, the challenges he faces through his journey to become a chef, teach us a lot, maybe more than what it’s showing. One can be anything, whatever it wants to be. If we go a little back, “Up” is one of the most beautiful animation. It teaches us that family doesn’t end with blood. The old man lost his only relation in his life, his wife and is lost within himself and surrounded by an unseen darkness when a little boy come and change his life. Government is asking him to leave his lovely house and live in an old home, but he’s not ready to give up his memories just yet. So, he embarks on a journey to fulfil his dream and literally makes his house fly to his wife’s dream location in a faraway land.

The list goes on, there’s no end to what we learn and what’s the source. Animated movies teach us so much more than any other movie. There is love, friendship, family along which comes all the feelings like joy, sorrow, anger, disappointment, excitement etc.

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