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Generation Gap

By:Alina Shahid According to Cambridge Dictionary, “A situation in which older and younger people don’t understand because of different experiences like opinion, habits and behavior” I would like to give an overview on generation gap. I thought it’s trending in all types of generations. It’s like a war between younger …

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Invisible democracy in Pakistan

By Ali Jan Maqsood Pakistan is currently listed among the democratic countries in the world. However, democracy in the country has always been an invisible phenomenon when it comes to practical life. One witnesses no wave of democracy but of entitled only. Pakistan has always been ruled by the ‘family’ …

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Dowry; a curse

By Alina Shahid According to Oxford dictionary, “An amount of property or money brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage”. Here I’m going to discuss some demerits of dowry. In simple ‘dowry is a curse.’ And in our society especially in Asian countries we warmly welcomed this …

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2019 – year of crisis for Pakistan higher education

M Sharif Rana The year 2019 remained very abstruse for higher education in Pakistan with major cuts in budget, lessening of scholarships, increment in fee and regular protest demonstrations by teachers’ federation. On the other hand, the government appointed regular vice chancellors in many universities, announced establishment of six new …

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Cancer; a disease or business?

Nida Eman Cancer is not a disease, but a business… what? but how? American author G Edward Griffin revealed in his book “World without Cancer” that there is no disease called cancer. It’s just a deficiency of Vitamin B17. Its cure has been discovered long ago. Cancer can be cured …

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Suffering of generations of Farmers- Will it end?

When will we own our farmers and not only their products? Improving Quality in Agriculture Sector in Pakistan Fatima Khalid Introduction: The backbone of human body is the most critical part of the body, acting as a communicator and a major support between body parts and brain. Appling this concept …

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