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Brazil bridge collapsed after the ferryboat crash

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A bridge in Brazil, in Pará state, was collided with a ferryboat, plunging a 200m (657ft) section into the Moju River. It was reported that two cars fell into the river after the crash. The casualties are still vague but the 5 crew member have survived the crash.

A state of emergency was signed by the governor after the incident. He said,

Our priority is searching for victims and giving complete support to their families,

Authorities are working to clear the remains from the river and have set up a number of barges to ferry residents across the water until it can be fixed, while placing warning signs on pillars of other bridges nearby.

A corrosion was revealed in an inspection early this year but nothing was done to repair it. This incident will have a prominent influence on the shipment as it was a connection to the busiest ports, Belem.


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