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Cancer; a disease or business?

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Nida Eman

Cancer is not a disease, but a business… what? but how?

American author G Edward Griffin revealed in his book “World without Cancer” that there is no disease called cancer. It’s just a deficiency of Vitamin B17. Its cure has been discovered long ago. Cancer can be cured with the help of Vitamin B17. This thing was hidden from the world so that cancer industry could flourish, from which they earned billions of income.

The food containing Vitamin B17 included fruit stones, kernel, bitter almond and seeds. Especially apricot nucleus (fruit stone) and wheat bud is a miraculous anti-cancer medicine. It is the rich source of strongest anti-cancer matter named laetrile. Laetrile is the extracted form of vitamin B17 and also called amygdalin.

The American pharmaceutical industry has started implementing the law forbidding laetrile production.

After research on vitamin B17 I talked to different oncologists to know more about B17. Some doctors refused to talk about it and some tried to explain according to their knowledge. In this regard I visited Inmol cancer hospital, Shaukat Khanum cancer hospital, Hameed Latif hospital and Mayo hospital.

Some doctors told that neither there is clinical trials regarding B17 nor any proper research published in any valid scientific journal and it did not approved by American FDA yet, so we do not recommend it. On the other hand some doctors confess that they have seen benefits of vitamin B17 in their cancer patients and it can be used as alternative treatment if someone has problem with Chemo therapy. Confusion increased after come to know the oncologist’s opinion difference.

There is different opinion about B17. Some people consider it a myth where as some defend it with the example of “Scurvy’. We would recall that in the past, a disease named scurvy, took the life of numerous people and a number of people got an enormous income from it. Afterward it was discovered that scurvy was just a deficiency of vitamin C. now a days there is no disease named scurvy. Cancer is also just like that.

Now let’s talk about the background of Vitamin B17. The controversy actually began back in 1908 when John Beard, a professor of embryology at the University of Edinburgh, suggested that malignant tumors–cancer–might be cured by the effective use of ordinary enzymes (instead of the maiming surgery, poisonous chemotherapy, or burning radiation used by the modern medical establishment).

Both Dr. Beard and his theory were ridiculed by the scientists of the day. In 1938 Edinburgh professor’s work was picked up and continued by Dr. Ernst Krebs and his son, Ernst Krebs, Jr. The Krebs, in fact, devoted their lives to nutrition therapy. Out of that labor came “The Trophoblastic Thesis of Cancer,”. According to them Laetrile, actually vitamin B-17, can fill this deficiency when properly administered in combination with other vitamins and enzymes.

After that in 1978 Dr. Harold W. Manner, Professor of Biology and Chairman of the Biology Department of Chicago’s Loyola University, in his book named “Death of cancer” has stated that the success of cancer treatment with laetrile is as high as above 90%. In an interview he told that he has documented case studies of work done with both laboratory animals and human beings which prove it. After the claim Dr Manner had to face harassment by FDA/AMA. He was threatened that if cannot back up his claims  he can-quit simply kiss his 30-year long career goodbye.

Now here are the few thought provoking questions:

Why cancer treatment is too much expensive?

Why B17 is banned? Whereas Mexico still smuggle B17 to America.

According to some onco0logists vitamin B17 can be used as an alternative cancer treatment, then why clinical trials did not start yet?

Why scientist had to face threat those have done research on B17 and why they were stop to publish their work in medical journals?

According to cancer pharmaceutical industries, vitamin B17after enter into body converted in cyanide which is a poison. It can destroy cancer cells but also harmful for healthy tissues so the question is should we avoid the eatable things which contain B17?

If we talk about the chemo therapy, it has the same side effects on body which are told about vitamin B17. Then why people don’t avoid expensive chemo therapy and go for alternative like B17?

Why vitamin B17 banned? Are they afraid that if vitamin B17 get popular among the people then cancer industry will be closed?

Is there something fishy?

After show the facts and figures conclusion up to you.

The writer is a student of Mass Communication at University of the Punjab, Lahore and can be reached at nidaashafqat73@gmail.com

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