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Motivation for TikTok among Youth: Challenges and Prospects

Human needs are well documented in literature. One of the scholars who has elaborated these needs is Abraham Maslow. Maslow explained the hierarchy of human needs in the paper titled, “A Theory of Human Motivation” published in Psychological Review. This hierarchy of needs includes physiological needs, safety needs, belongingness and …

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Moringa oleifera, A miracle tree

By Prof. Dr. Farah Khan Chairperson Department of Botany LCWU Moringa oleifera (known as the miracle tree, because of a vast variety of uses), horseradish, drumstick or bottle tree, is an important and beneficial plant of genus Moringa belonging to  a small family of plants i.e. Moringaceae, an inhabitant of tropical …

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ICTs in Early Childhood Care and Education

Introduction of information communication and technology (ICT) to the curriculum is only a generation back that has shifted the traditional paradigm of teaching and learning into modern approaches. ICT today is more than a subject and used as a tool that inculcates technology in everyday life. Looking around, it is …

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Are online classes helpful for students?

In current pandemic situation, the whole world is continually in a changing situation. Similarly, education system of our country has also changed. This is very challenging for teachers as well as students. We have a good understanding of face-to-face classes because in our education system, the virtual classroom system is …

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Alina Shahid We all know that in this modern era,study is too much essential. And it’s just as important for girls as it for boys. Time has changed a lot and people also pay attention to girl’s education. A famous saying according to Brighan Young, ‘’If you educate a man …

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