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Full Body Transplant!

In past few years’ surgery has been developed to a level that transplant of a body organ like heart, kidney, liver or an eye is a common practice. Now the surgeons are not only thinking but also planning for full body transplant. Although certain ethical and technical hurdles are there …

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Cultural Invasion In Pakistan

Globalization has become a unidirectional gateway to American and Indian mass media entering Pakistan. The flow of information from super-power United States and regional-power India to Pakistan is contributing to impose foreign values and for cultural invasion over Pakistan. Globalization has been defined as “the ‘name’ that is often used …

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Manto- A Realist

Born on 11th May, 1912… Saadat Hassan Manto, a realist, was an Indo-Pakistani writer, playwright and author. One of the greatest writer of short stories in South Asian history. He produced 230 stories, 67 radio plays, 22 graphical stories, 70 articles and 2 collections of personal sketches. He’s a revolutionary …

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Don’t Let Your Doctor Kill You

Two places should be avoided in this Mortal World to the full extent even enemies of one should not suffer from them,first is Courts and the other is Hospitals said by older ones always. How astonishing the thing is that both have been created for the removal and eradication of …

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Is tuition center good to guide children ?

Education is the key of success in life and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students Normally we can see that parents send their child to tuition for gaining knowledge. Some parents believe that their children need guidance while others think that tuition centers  destroy students’ …

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