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How to Avoid Gender Discrimination?

By Saher Mukhtar Gender discrimination is the unequal behavior in a society on the basis of gender. Mostly women become the target of gender disrimination.Gender discrimination is faced by women on their working places oftenly.It is also happen in their houses and even in the educational institutions. Ways to Avoid …

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How to overcome anger

How to overcome anger ( Shahar Yar Hussain)  (7th August, 2020) First up, anger isn’t a ‘bad’ emotion. It can actually help you to be honest or to stand up for something you believe in. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with feeling angry. What matters is how you cope with and …

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Covid-19 and Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia And Covid-19 (Shahar Yar Hussain) (7th August, 2020.) Saudi Arabia is also part the Covid-19. On March 2, 2020, the Ministry of Health confirmed the first case in Saudi Arabia. By April 8, as many as 150 members of the Saudi royal family had tested positive. The king’s …

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7 ways to Protect Ozone Layer

  Ozone Layer Protection By Saher Mukhtar The lockdown during COVID-19 have multiple positive impacts on the environment. At that time there were limited travelling and most of the industries were closed. It cause the emission of many gases from the environment. It also have some positive effects on the …

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Domestic Workers In Pakistan

By Aqsa Yaqoob Domestic workers are the people whose worksides are private homes. Domestic work is defined according to the workplace, which is the private household. Domestic work might be one of the biggest source of employment for informal economy. As women, men, girls and boys move from village to …

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Coronavirus in Japan

Japan’s Corona losses, Status and their Strategy to deal against this By Aqsa Yaqoob Japan Corona losses, Status and their Strategy to deal against this Outbreak of covid 19 in japan; The island country of Japan also effected by the Covid-19.The first comfirmed case in Japan was reported on January …

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