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A modern educational innovation has become popular in recent years and offers an innovative and convenient form of adult lifelong learning: “monetization of knowledge” (MOK). By Muhammad Hamza Khan For centuries, education has played an important role in Chinese culture. Learning is considered essential for ethical well-being, leading to a …

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Educated Girls,Better Future

By Saher Mukhtar In a society the girl’s education is as important as the education of boys. Education is the basic right of every individual, therefore while giving educational facilities, we should not discriminate among genders, colours etc. According to a UNICEF report ; Around the world, 132 million girls …

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Educational Reforms In Pakistan

PAKISTAN Needs EDUCATION REFORMS By Usama Junaid Khan Viewing these realities, nations are struggling for smart economics, smart foods, smart treatments, smart medicine and even smart politics. The word smart means quick and inexpensive way of doing something, in my opinion. But last year, Pakistan has been declared as the …

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Education in Faisalabad

Sajjad Ali Lahore (July 29, 2019): Poor education standard and literacy rate in Faisalabad district is an alarming situation. It is a city with population of 2,506,595 and 60% literacy rate only. Literacy rate in rural areas is 16 % lower than in urban areas. There is also a wide …

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