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Dengue in Turbat

These days the cases of dengue virus have been reported in Turbat and its spreading. Within the last three days, approximately 27 people have been infected by the virus. The most effected areas are Dr Colony, B&R Colony and Singanisar where most of the cases have been reported. Approximately, more …

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All is well: A truth of a masquerade

Letter to the Editor To Whom It May Concern 9 Months of profound impression has been full of happenings after election 2018 in Pakistan. Cultural events, arrival of foreign ambassadors, international political expeditions, 3 day war and human rights activities. It has been almost everything which could have been expected that …

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Attention! Citizen’s Portal for cleanliness complaints

Letter to the Editor Respected sir, It is really distressing for me to know that turn around time for all cleanliness complaints that are made through government’s provided Citizen’s Portal is the same as any other matter to be resolved by PM’s performance delivery unit. Their response over the phone …

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Arrest of VC and Senior Professors: A Different Viewpoint

The recent incident of NAB to arrest and then present former VC Mujahid Kamran and his senior colleagues in hand-cuffs has evoked a lot of hue and cry in social and electronic media. No one can justify such an insulting behavior to senior University Professors and academics  and the act …

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Letter to the editor

Language is the most important medium of communication. That is why most of developed nation in the world use their national language as a source of instruction. Use of national and native language as a medium of instruction clarifies all type of concepts. Most of the developed nations use their …

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Letter to the Chairman Council of Islamic Ideology

Safa Sagheer Institute of Communication Studies, University of Punjab, Lahore 0322-8069440 16th August,2018 To The Editor, The Educationist, Lahore. Respected Sir, The basic purpose of the Prayer (Namaz) is to built direct connection with Allah Almighty. We perform our five time prayers in Arabic. Most of the people don’t understand Arabic. …

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