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Impact of fiscal adjustments on income distribution in Pakistan

Muhammad Ali Baig A fiscal adjustment is a reduction in the government primary budget deficit,and it can result from a reduction in government expenditures, an increase in tax revenues, or both simultaneously. Fiscal adjustment is commonly understood as a process, instead of as a status: governments run fiscal deficits, fiscal …

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Dilemma of Daewoo hostesses

  Fatima Bashir Many people prefer travelling in Daewoo express; the private bus service which somehow satisfies their costumers but has failed to fulfill the needs of its own staff. The subservient hostesses are thrashed with one duty after the other without any break or rest. Most of the time …

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80% schools of Swabi furniture less?

Around 80 percent primary and middle schools in Swabi District of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province are furniture less. I myself visited different schools across the district during the month of February and March 2016. Mostly schools are furniture less and students use to sit on ground even without carpet or any cloth …

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Techniques to stay optimist

“Turn your face towards sun, and the shadow falls behind you” Life is full of hardships and happiness, everyone has to go through the both sides of the fence. Sometimes pessimistic and other times optimistic. Optimism is a very healthy trait that will not only attract people but will also …

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Pakistani gemstones with Made-in-India tags?

Pakistan, a source and large reservoir of mineral ores and gemstones, makes the country significant in the mineral world and international market too. The country’s western and northern areas contribute a lot towards precious minerals. We can make remarkable progresses by trading and selling these valuable minerals and make our …

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Need to plant more flowers

By Hina Javed and Rameen Sayyad  With advent the spring season there is need to plan more and more flowers plants for the survival of the eco system. Flowers are very necessary for a large number of species especially butterflies and honeybees. It is system and cycle of the nature. The …

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