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How to make yourself productive?

  Productivity is an important factor to achieve success in life. Successful people who are leading the major industries know well how to achieve high in a shorter span of time. We can learn a lot from the tactics of these successful individuals on how to organize yourself better. Here …

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Threat to educational institutions

Whenever you think about Pakistan and education together your mind refers to unequal education system, lack of standardization in education system, cost of education and lack of technical education etc but recently you can add terrorism in that list too. Recent attacks on educational institutes of Pakistan has stunned the …

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Journalism education on the decline

  The journalism education always plays a role of backbone in the media industry which is considered as fourth estate of any society. In Pakistan, unfortunately, this education is now a days facing massive decline despite the fact that the number of institutions, students as well as number of faculty …

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The co-existence of literature and science

By Hira Rafique Rao “There’s no room for fairy tales and clichéd love stories when you have an engineering degree to concentrate on,” is something a concerned, stereotypical parent might say to their child growing up in a competitive and digital world. By and large, it is something that anyone …

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UET – my alma mater

University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore is amongst the leading educational institutions of Pakistan. People prefer UET for engineering as compared to other institutions because of many reasons,including quality education, research work, best faculty and above all readiness of teachers to students 24/7. No field is complete without research work, …

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Merit vs money

Sir: Every public college and university provides self-supporting programmes in which students pay more fees that is almost equal to that of private institutions. Teachers pay more attention to these programmes as they are paid more for these evening classes. Teachers don’t even care about the morning classes in which …

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