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Pre-Partition History and Background of Pakistan’s Education System

Article By Talha Raza Before the establishment of the English medium public schools and universities, children of Muslims families had to rely on the Madaris for the religious as well as the earthly modern studies. According to the historians, the first known Madrassa is said to have been established in 1005 …

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Discussion: Is Pakistan a nation or crowd?

By Ayesha Rasool Pakistan is a country with a lot of potential youth which if guided properly can bring a positive change in the region and growth of the society. This can only be done if the youth interact properly with the intellectual people who have devoted their lives to …

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ABDUS SALAM – the Physicist and the Man

Abdus Salam was a man with a vision. Two passions dominated his life – a hunger for creating and acquiring knowledge at the highest level, and a burning desire to see the developing world stand up on its feet through cultivation of knowledge. He was hemmed between two worlds – …

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Blemishes education system in Pakistan

A population of 200 million people living under the literacy rate of 53% which is the lowest in South Asia. It is still way behind the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) target of 88%. There are around 25 million out-of-school children in Pakistan, the second highest figure in the world after …

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Darwinism and Capitalism – A ‘natural’ link of destruction

The political influence of Darwinism is not linked with onle one single theory but to too many different ones like capitalism communism, racism, imperialism and facism. And the common ground is opposition of monotheistic religions. At the beginning of second century, Europe accepted Christianity gradually under the Emperor Constantine and …

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Education – an ongoing security lapse in Pakistan

Every new year the world around us starts talking about ‘new year resolution’. This is a very common practice for not only common people around the world but also for businesses, organizations, institutions and even governments. This practice involves recalling the past year; analyzing the intended goals and the degree …

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