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Disaster management to halt chronic devastation in Pakistan—I

By Mahvish Muzaffar Pakistan due to its geographic, geostrategic and geopolitical status is susceptible to man-made catastrophes, furthermore; its seismology, geology and meteorology make it more vulnerable to natural calamities. In lieu of these instances, since inception, Pakistan has massively been encountering natural and man-made disasters. Which are aggravating due …

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DG Khan craving for new universities, sub-campuses!

  When Pakistan was came into being once it was under consideration to make Dera Ghazi Khan –the city situated at the southern Punjab –  the capital of country because of its location. It is located in the country’s center which links all four provinces of Pakistan. Pakistan Atomic refinery …

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Night vision: We can see in the dark!

Humans cannot see in the dark however, some animals can do. The light-sensitive part of our eye is known as the retina which is made of some special types of cells called cones and rods. The cones see coloured light and the rods detect movement and dim light. Our eyes …

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World Press Freedom Index 2016 and Pakistan: Article By Muhammad Ittefaq

The World Press Freedom Index 2016 reflects Pakistan at number 147th out of 180 countries. It means the country is among the nations where right to freedom of speech and expression is in danger. It is not only hurdle to promote democracy but also violation of Article (19 and 19 …

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Life skills to make your life better – By Adarsh Muzaffar

By Adarsh Muzaffar Life is all about living and enjoying the existing moment. If you can’t enjoy a cup of tea, you have no idea how to taste life, if you can’t have pleasure in the conversion of seasons you have no clue how much attractive life could be. As …

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Character and Constitution – By Rehana Sarwar

By Rehana Sarwar Pakistan has had a troubled constitutional history since its very inception as a nation state. Not long after partition from India in 1947, Pakistan was plunged into a Constitutional crisis in 1954 when the Governor General dissolved the Constituent Assembly when he did not agree to the …

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