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Tragedy of Baluchistan

By Tahira Ali Baluchistan is the largest province in terms of land area, forming the southwestern region of the country. Its provincial capital and largest city is Quetta. The main ethnic groups in the province are the Baluchi people and the Pashtuns. The remaining smaller communities are Brahuis and Hazaras along with other settlers such …

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Ayesha Pakistan is an agricultural state but in real it has a little to offer to agriculture sector. Although agriculture accounts for half of the employed labor force of the country and is the largest source of foreign exchange earnings, it contributes only 24 percent to the national GDP, according …

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Edu Budget cut to affect developement

M Sharif Rana Since when PTI has been in power in Pakistan, it has been facing too much criticism. Public is not satisfied from the govt. Experts of every field have bitterly criticized their government’s policies. Instead of promoting higher education, it seems that govt. is trying to eradicate education …

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Screams that were muffled

Wafa Naz Child abuse is one of the most emerging issues of modern day world. Especially male child abuse is on the peak in busy streets of Lahore and Karachi. For a time being child abuse is reported in small number but now it has reached to an infinite limit. …

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E-Commerce: The Vital Ingredient of Success Formula for Pakistan

By SAHAL MANZOOR SHEIKH Many years ago, people were alien to the concept of purchasing something from the internet. If someone had told you that you can order literally anything sitting on your couch, you’d have debunked it as a hoax. This renaissance of e-commerce is due to relatively larger …

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Gender discrimination

By Waqas Gullab Nature has divided human beings into two halves and both are given responsibilities which suit them, along with assigning the responsibilities, nature has very clearly stated the rights of both on each other. gender discrimination is a practice which we face when both the genders show the …

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