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The chip is coming (Part-I)

In his 2013 book The Grand Deception, Mujahid Kamran describes some of the workings of what Churchill called the “High Cabal” that, unseen, really controls the world and, in particular, some of the means used historically by one of its affiliates and franchises, the United States of America, the takeover …

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The generation

The generation gap is the difference of opinions between one generation and another regarding beliefs. Sociologists have divided the lifespan into three different levels: Childhood, Midlife and Retirement. The difference of thoughts in the ideology of these groups had always been there, no two generations share the same set of …

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Is our education system directionless?

A future social scientist in a sociology class asked me a question: Sir, why are we studying sociology? I was stunned whether I delivered my lecture well or not! The student was studying mathematic at the same time and had no interest in society, culture, socialization, conflict, functionalism, symbolic interactionism, …

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Educating about drinking water

The importance of water can be judged by this verse from the Holy Quran:“We made from water every living thing” (Qur’an, Surah, Al-Anbiya, 21: 30). Seas, lakes and rivers are all made up of water. It falls as rain and erupts from springs. It occurs in nature abundantly. It also …

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Schooling and social change : Muhammad Nawaz Sharif

The importance of education — and especially schooling — cannot be overestimated. Not only has the expansion of primary and secondary education been linked to accelerated economic growth, poverty eradication and improved income equality, but education also appears to be closely associated with social enrichment and inclusion, the upgrading of …

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Cheating the younger generation

What is the exact nature of Axact scam, ask the concerned citizens especially those whose young ones are trying their luck to get an opportunity to earn their bread and butter after completing their educational pursuits? The concern seems to be much larger than is being guessed because the parents …

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