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Educating about drinking water

The importance of water can be judged by this verse from the Holy Quran:“We made from water every living thing” (Qur’an, Surah, Al-Anbiya, 21: 30). Seas, lakes and rivers are all made up of water. It falls as rain and erupts from springs. It occurs in nature abundantly. It also …

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Schooling and social change : Muhammad Nawaz Sharif

The importance of education — and especially schooling — cannot be overestimated. Not only has the expansion of primary and secondary education been linked to accelerated economic growth, poverty eradication and improved income equality, but education also appears to be closely associated with social enrichment and inclusion, the upgrading of …

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Cheating the younger generation

What is the exact nature of Axact scam, ask the concerned citizens especially those whose young ones are trying their luck to get an opportunity to earn their bread and butter after completing their educational pursuits? The concern seems to be much larger than is being guessed because the parents …

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Educating the generations

There is no doubt the education system of Pakistan is in a bad shape, but a segment of the society doesn’t even have access to the kind of education available to the rest of the country. As the world marks International Women’s Day, women in our country have been left …

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Improving educational standard in Pakistan

Amidst a lack of meaningful reforms and sustained improvement, the sorry state of affairs at educational institutions in Pakistan paints a grim picture thereby causing the country to lag far behind other nations, losing its edge in the global competition, putting the economy at risk, and consigning the future generations …

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Journalism education: challenges and opportunities

Every challenge is an opportunity in itself and vice versa. This is particularly true for contemporary journalism whose growth has touched heights and is assuming newer dimensions. It is because of this mammoth growth of media that journalism is now being ranked as the first pillar of the state instead …

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