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Save Pakistan from the Oink Effect!

Maaz Ahmad There is a desperate need for restoration of the superiority and authority of government institutions in Pakistan. This is the time when we’ll need to rediscover our cultural and ethical values to save them from being subjugated. We should never compromise on reforms in educational institutions. Morality is running down, judgmental …

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Attributes of a True Leader

By Ayesha Akhtar A TRUE LEADER is a living illustration of his teachings. Only then we can be inspired to learn a true leader’s philosophy when we see that a leader’s personal life exemplifies his philosophy. And if a leader does not stand by his own words, we cannot trust …

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imposing career choice on children a serious problem!

BY AZKA AMEER Unfortunately, at the time of birth of a child, parents decide that their child would either become a doctor or an engineer because stereotypically these two professions are considered most respectful in the society. Without even knowing their child’s mental capabilities, they impose a burden on the …

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Natural gas production in Balochistan

By Sher Jan Shohaz Balochistan produces 17% of natural gas and consumed only two percent.Balochistan, one of the four provinces of Pakistan, produces the largest share of natural gas in the country. The province lights all stoves countywide but unfortunately, itself lacks access to kindle its own. It is believed …

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