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Literature and its importance

By Rutaba English Literature is one of the most visible majors at any college or university, with huge a portion of students enrolling. With this area of study so broad, some people are confused as to what exactly English Literature is. This article explores the scope of English Literature in …

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John Donne- Metaphysical Poet

By Rutaba Born in London, the great poet is known as the founder of Metaphysical Poets, a term created by Samuel Johnson, an essayist, poet and philosopher. The Metaphysical Poets are known for their ability to startle the reader and coax new perspective through paradoxical images, subtle argument, inventive syntax …

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Bliss emerging from aggression of history

English Translation By Amjad Izhaar By Afzaal Rehan Today the collective human consciousness of the world has reached the level, where human rights not only have been acknowledged but also in principle, the right of the nations, taken into acceptance by all means, that aggression or external forced occupation is …

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Fighting the war, literally

By Ahsan Raza Lala Rukh’s mother, a poet in a vernacular language and a teacher of social science in a public school of Lahore, is not worried to notice that her daughter is unable to understand her poetry. She is, however, content that Lala Rukh is an optometrist practicing in …

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Blasphemy and exploitation of religious extremism

By Dr. Zeeshan Khan It’s very regretful to pass unjust comments regarding Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan’s judgement about Asia Bibi case without getting into the details of the matter. I being a true Muslim cannot bear the disrespect of Our Holy Prophet/an act of blasphemy but is it right …

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Unification of education!

By Jazib Khan Egypt was once an educational hub for all students mainly Muslims. It had such a unified system of education that rational studies and religious studies were taught under a same roof and an equal weightage was given to both of them. That was one of the main …

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