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New Year Resolutions-a poem

By Hooria Butt, Ehsan Ahmed Khan and Sonia Akmal Elizabeth Sewell written a beautiful poem on new year resolutions: I will drain Long draughts of quiet As a purgation: Remember Twice daily Who I am; Will lie o’ nights In the bony arms Of Reality, and be comforted. Another year …

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Jerusalem! Out of the blue, it is the subject for writers to write, for publishers to publish, for editor to edit and for debaters to debate. It comes not just from anywhere; it has been with us since 1917 when Balfour Decleration was passed. A declaration which caused all the …

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Vision of Quaid-e-Azam and our youth

Pakistan have faced multiple crisis from its very beginning. Muslims sacrificed everything to built a nation where they can live peacefully according to their religion. Quaid-e-azam always gave us the message of hard work but our youth have no sense of responsibility. They are not familiar with their strength and …

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We see our upcoming generation with bags full of books but, empty from manners and values. They are taught more than their age. Preschoolers have heavy bone breaking bags and are sent to tution as well, But at none of this place they are taught manners creativity and values. Even …

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BS (4 Yrs) Program started without classes and teachers

In the on going year, HEC announced to have BS program in the Degree college Turbat by removing the B.A and B.Sc. Unfortunately, we are introduced with no teachers to attend the classes of 8 semesters BS program. Most of the willing students are of Political Science and Sociology who …

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Al-Ghazali’s Book “Etiquette of Marriage”

Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali (1058 – 1111 C.E.) discussed the question of marriage in one of his eminent books titled “Etiquette of Marriage” on very solid intellectual grounds. Al-Ghazali deconstructed the notion of marriage in itself, whether it is considered virtuous or whether it has any disadvantages as well as whether …

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