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Education: The issue of career counselling

One of the key issues of the Pakistani education system is the lack of formal career counselling institutions, which can properly guide the undergraduate and graduate students to choose an academic discipline – that best fit their life goals, interest, their psychology and meet requirements of their family and the …

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AIOU enrolment reaches 1.7 million; 64% are female students

By Ali Arshad LAHORE: Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) Regional Director Rasool Baksh Behram has said that distance learning programme can help change the education landscape of the country and provide education to the marginalised population of the country. This year, the enrolment of AIOU is 1.7 million, in which …

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Education and society: Treating the teachers

By Azhar Iqbal Teachers are said to be the successors of the Prophets because they do what the Prophets of Almighty Allah did in their lives. Here in our beloved homeland, teachers are treated like a second-class citizen.This fact is very shameful for the nation that came into existence in …

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LG polls: Ready but unwilling

Local government is a system that is said to empower the native people, and to give them a chance to directly participate in national politics. It is the lowest tier of government after federal and provincial government and the main pillar on which the democratic system stands and strengthens itself. …

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Students set up Global Village to rediscover peace

Govt encouraging such activities to promote peace: Mashood Staff Report LAHORE: Students from different countries and Pakistani universities set up a “Global Village” at Alhamara Cultural Complex with the objective to rediscover peace. Daylong event arranged by Lahore chapter of AIESEC (international association of students of science, engineering and commerce) …

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