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Amazing bird and electronic tags

We are living in a world of science and technology rather a world of gadgets and nanotechnology. In our daily life, we come across various electronic devices and gadgets fitted with electric sensors, miniature electronic tags, and magnetic tapes. For example, ATM cards at the banks, security alarm systems, mini …

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General Motors Launches Test of Autonomous Vehicles on Public Roads

By AR Sajid General Motors plans to immediately begin testing autonomous vehicles on public roads in Michigan, the company said. The announcement came a week after Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill to test public cars with no driver or steering wheel. The automotive company said that for now it will …

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From Watermelons to Education

Executive Editor’s pick from WhatsApp By Manohar Parrikar “I am from the village of Parra in Goa, hence we are called Parrikars. My village is famous for its watermelons. When I was a child, the farmers used to organise a watermelon-eating contest at the end of the harvest season in May. …

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Night vision: We can see in the dark!

Humans cannot see in the dark however, some animals can do. The light-sensitive part of our eye is known as the retina which is made of some special types of cells called cones and rods. The cones see coloured light and the rods detect movement and dim light. Our eyes …

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Bionic Eye: Blind people can see now!

Prof. Dr.M Hafiz Rafique ‘A thing of beauty is a joy for ever’. This is one of the famous quotations of an English poet John Keats (1795-1821). However, the beauty of a beautiful thing can only be enjoyed if one has eyes with correct vision. Unfortunately the blind people are …

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The BRAIN Project

By Prof. Dr. Hafiz M. Rafique The most important and the complex organ of the human body is the brain which is located in the head and protected by the skull. The brain controls the central nervous system of the whole body. An alive human brain is soft like tofu …

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