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Financial Misconduct In Pakistan

Muhammad Azan Financial misconduct also known as corruption has become order of the day in Pakistan. According to current statistics released by Transparency International, an international organization for combating global corruption, Pakistan ranked 117 out of 180 countries. According to Transparency International this pathetic situation is due to negligence of …

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Zeenat Hussain Enraged I stroll towards The counter, To involve myself in A brutal encounter; The salesman gave me rupees Five less, A gruesome mistake that He should confess, Was the well aware Of it, Or did the mistakingly Di it, Remains to be seen Or is it My frustration …

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Zeenat Hussain As you leave for greener pastures, Tears flown down the cheeks at your departure. The migrating bird flutters its wings, Over for it, is the season to sing. The Bentley turns round the corner Disappears from sight, now and forever. I shall miss your nudge and touch, For …

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Zeenat Hussain Mark was born in London during the post war period, in the east end of London, which has been largely rebuilt since World War II when it suffered much damage from bombing. London at that time was crippled because of the depression which was an after math of …

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The Hidden Favour

Zeenat Hussain Khatija was a robust, healthy, 19 year old girl. She had just finished her studies and had found a good job. Because of her good health she managed to work long hours, both in the office and at home. The envy of her peers who could not even …

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Anti-tobacco groups laud govt decision to implement health tax

Staff Report Islamabad (May 31, 2019) On the eve of the World No Tobacco Day, May 31, anti-tobacco groups have lauded the government’s decision to implement health tax Rs 10 per pack to discourage tobacco consumption in Pakistan. In a joint statement Country Representative Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (CTFK), Malik …

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