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Is Facebook a waste of time

Dear Editor. Hundred millions of people use Facebook to keep in touch with their friends and families, chat with friend and family, share ideas, watching videos and playing online games. However, some users claim to be addicted or obsessed with Facebook for several hours. Once people connect with their friends …

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Aspire Group of colleges organized first STEMinar at Gulberg Campus Lahore

AR Sajid (Lahore): Aspire Group of colleges being the pioneer organized first STEMinar at Gulberg Campus Lahore. STEMinar a science exhibition gives students a platform for showcasing their talents. It is always essential for schools & colleges to organize exhibitions as through this students get an opportunity to apply or …

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GINORMOUS: blend of giant and enormous FANTABULOUS:. blend of fantastic and fabulous COFFICE: coffee and office, taking a lot of coffee at office BRUNCH: breakfast and lunch EURASIA: EUROPE and ASIA OXBRIDGE: Oxford and Cambridge Brexit: Britain and exit SMOG: .smoke and fog MIZZLE: . mist and drizzle MOTEL: Motor …

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Youth should be educated with teachings of Islam: PM Nawaz

Ulema should promote narrative of peace, real image of Islam PM address at Jamia Naeemia Staff Report LAHORE: Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said the young generation should be educated with the teachings of Islam from the pulpits of mosques and seminaries. He also stressed upon Ulema to promote the …

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2018 Fulbright Student (Master’s and PhD) Program announced

Staff Report ISLAMABAD: The United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP) invites Pakistani students to apply for the prestigious 2018 Fulbright Student (Master’s and PhD) and Fulbright-Higher Education Commission(HEC)PhD Program, which fully funds Master’s or PhD study at top universities in the United States. The application form is available online …

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قلم کی جوجگہ تھی وہ وہی ہے

قلم کی جو جگہ تھی وہ وہیں ہے پر اس کا نام تک باقی نہیں ہے قلم کی نوک پہ نکتہ ہے کوئی جو سچ ہو وہ بھلا جھکتا ہے کوئی وہ جس بچپن نے تھوڑا اور جینا تھا وہ جس نے ماں تمھا را خواب چھینا تھا مجھے ماں …

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