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‘CHanneL yoUr Best, forGet tHe rest’!

Zainab Ali Khan

CAreer counseling has always been important but only recently got the recognition it deserves. Choosing a career is an important task, but it may also be a difficult one. Career counseling is an essential factor for identifying the real potential and guiding students towards a right career path. Earlier, people sought out career counselors for a change in careers, only after they got a job and were unhappy with it.Now, people recognize that this isn’t ideal.

What is noteworthy is to consider why people change career. It may not be easy to decide what type of job will be the best suitable. Career counseling helps people assess their skills, needs and desires in order to find a career that works for them. to find the right career, there needs to be an understanding of what course to take which matches with capabilities and interests.

A student might want to get into architecture thinking he’s good at math and that drawing a building isn’t too difficult. In reality, there is much more to architecture than that and there is a high possibility of him wanting to pursue another career at the end of the first
year itself. Career counseling in schools ensures the right kind of help to overcome such thinking and stop students from making such mistakes.

There is a lack of career counseling among students and for that an established career counselor will firstly explain the entire report, tell them the perks and disadvantages of pursuing both their interests and aptitudes and give them the clarity and understanding to make the right decisions. this is much needed, especially, when students are prone to take advice from inexperienced sources.

In current times, career counseling is a need as most students pick commonly known domains as their career option. students want to be successful and they don’t mind getting help. they may feel shy at first or think it’s weak to take help but it’s our responsibility to help them build strong careers. it is a great step indeed.

This article is written by Zainab Ali Khan . She is a student at Institute of Communication Studies, UnIversity of the Punjab, Lahore and can be reached at zainabalikhan50@gmnail.com

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