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Co-education in Pakistan

By Aqsa Yaqoob

Co-education means learn of education of both gender ( male, female )together. In Pakistan society, there are two type school of thought exist first that people who support the co-education system and the other not support the Co-education system. One group said that Co-education is helpful for the both male and female because in modern world male and female are stepping together equally. The Co-education is important for the development and prosperity of the nation. So for the development or to go with the modern world Pakistan becoming the part of the craze of Co-education. This system of education acquire by all over the world and Pakistan is one of those. The current education system of pakistan is 70% based on Co-education. Also there are many schools and colleges in Pakistan in which segregation of gender. By adopting this system there are many advantages and disadvantages are the result in the education system in Pakistan.

Advantages of Co-education

The interaction of boy and girls in this age helps in their practical life later on. The Co-education is helpful in developing self-confidence between the individuals. Co-education helps in increasing your confidence level and its breaks the hesitation related to language and communication . The confidence is very important because it urge women to handle tough situation during working with male. This education system right the women to give their point of view. Co-education is very important role in grooming the personality of both male and female. Co-education helps the female stand to gain something in the presence of male. The Co-education also provides both men and women positive equal opportunity to understand each other peacefully Co exist. This education system enable women express their hidden abilities, skills in different fields of life. It is very helpful not only the women but also for their children. The women is unable to take effective and efficiently decisions for their children which helpful the development of the country.

Disadvantages of Co-education;

Here I am talking about the disadvantages of Co-education. The students of Co-education waste their time in unnecessary activities which is not related to their studies. This free contact can result in laxity of morals. The hard check balance is required to avoid misunderstanding and unethical issues, majority of the education system doesn’t keep proper check and balance on both so this harm the system and students as well. The students who study first time in Co-education system ,which students loose concentration in studies. There concentration is more contered towards the class girls or boys.

After discussing the scenario of the Co education system in Pakistan. As we know everything has its merits and demerits but it’s totally depends on a person that how to deal. If we lay hold Co-education in positive way its helps to brighten their future. The education system is very important for the development of the country. Pakistan is a developing country , there have not resources to build separate Institution for male and female. Due to lack of education Institute for females Pakistan enjoys the lowest rank in term of female literacy. So that the women are unable to take part in the development of the country. So that there is need to more work on that system to being the best system which helpful in the development and progress of the country. The Co-education system also helped the social development of both male and female.

The writer is a student of M.Sc Communication Studies Digital Media at Institute of Communication Studies,University of the Punjab,Lahore,Pakistan.

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