CSS paper leaked

By Rutaba

It’s like a new trend is being set around us. We keep on hearing a news about the leaking of the exam paper before its due date. It has been done before but none of them were big enough as this. It was reported that the Central Superior Services (CSS) paper was leaked 20 days before the exam. The paper of English was leaked on 26 January where the exam was taken on 16 February and the other one which was of Current Affairs was leaked on 31st January where the exam was taken on 17th February.

This was done by a person with a fake Id on Facebook named as Sadia Kouser. This person only updated these papers within its group members on Facebook. A private group was made on which information regarding FPSC was released. One needed to submit the money ranging from 30,000 to 80,000 along with the ID card number to become a member of this group. The students were given the pin code to access the paper. This affected the prestige of FPSC. FPSC involved FIA for the investigation. A letter to the Facebook company was sent to locate the real person behind this fake Id. The students who were a part of it was benefited with this. Media blamed the bureaucrats who were still employed by the department. Students from different cities complained about the irresponsibility of the authorities. They emphasized on the confidentiality of the paper. It is their responsibility to keep things up as they should. The person behind it all was located and arrested. The culprit was a male from Faisalabad who was using the fake Id. He was arrested after 55 days from exam. The FIA has taken strict action against him. The authorities need to make the security more efficient. This needs to be taken care of and soon.

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