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Current situation of Education in Sindh is disappointing: Sardar Shah

By Ali Afzal Khan

Karachi: (August 29, 2018): Education Minister of Sindh Sardar Shah told in a briefing regarding the education condition in province held on Tuesday. According to the officials, male students in government school are more than that of their female counterpart. Male students consist about two-third of total students. The same sort of situation is also present in the teaching staff where males are also dominating the faculty.

Officials also presented the numerals of male and female students. According to them there are total 4.2 million students in province where boys are 2,577,000 and girls are 1,652,000. The department has 150,787 teachers, males are 103,422 and female teachers are 47,365.

Education Minister was informed by the officials that out of 45,555 schools in Sindh, the number of primary schools was 41,213. There are 1640 were middle schools, 601 elementary, 1719 secondary and 291 high schools in Sindh.

After the briefing, Education Minister expressed that he felt sorry for the current situation of education system and  showed his will for the improvement of educational system in Sindh.

He asserted that for the improvement of educational system we have to established new spirit and clear strategy in this regard.

He asked the authorities to convene meeting of all the related institution and device concrete and effective polices to improve the existing education situation.

He also showed commitment to create such kind of environment in Sindh where poor and rich will get education in same institutions. He also quoted his early education that he received from Umerkot.

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