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Dear advertisers, “Don’t put limits on beauty!”

White is beautiful so does black is. Don’t put limits on beauty. Beauty comes in every color, every shape and in every aspects. Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. This famous quote is very much true. The multi-billion dollar whitening cream industry has created the hype that if we not use whitening cream, our life become miserable or may be it completely ended. We cannot get a good job, or even a nice husband. That’s what they project in Fair and Lovely advertisements. They hijacked the minds of young teenage girls, who are in dreaming to become a doctor, engineer, lawyer or teacher. They show that we only need a fairness cream in our life not a good education. Nothing good just Fair and Lovely, then our dreams will be achieved and nothing else can be ever beneficial for us to achieve the goal of our life.

What exactly they portray our dream is? Precisely, it is “husband” and a “job”, seriously? Is this what we only need in life? For more than couple of decades, companies are marketing their whitening cream by fueling intolerance and causing serious social harm in south Asia, especially Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. They are selling their idea of “white is beautiful” to earn billion dollars. The only thing which makes number of people is their customers are buying their idea by spending a lot of money on such products. Many global corporations are involved in this market, such as Unilever, which ranges from “Fair & Lovely”, Pond’s “White Beauty”, Emami “Fair and Handsome”, Dove whitening to Vaseline. in India, majority of population is darker skin tone. i still did not get the idea of why Fairness cream companies trying to prove that if Indian female use whitening cream their destination will change. it’s not only in India the color of skin discussed, it’s an issue in the world.

In Pakistan where majority of population has white complexion, fairness creams, on the other hand, are still trying to sell the products of fairness to prove that you still need more whiteness. Okay! if there is a need in the market for these products go for it. But, don’t fulfill it on the expense of someone’s self-respect. no one gives you the right to humiliate a person in your ads, create discrimination in the society, bring intolerance among people and insecurity among dark color girls (they are less compatible, ugly, or unsuccessful because of their skin tone).

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