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Dismal state of Education in Baluchistan

Asif Murad

Education is said to be the most significant sector in every aspect of life. The reason behind the success of any nation is surely education but Pakistan’s richest and biggest province, Baluchistan is really neglected on account of education policy. The number of government schools in Baluchistan is very less and their condition is extremely dilapidated. Many of them have become paling of people. There are cows and goats instead of students. Only few of them are functional.

Schools lack basic facilities such as chairs, desks, boards, teachers etc. In addition, it is very shame to say that these government schools even do not carry any toilet knowing that it is needed. No boundary wall is there and play ground for the students. There is lack of libraries and science laboratories which are indeed the most essential parts of any educational institutes.

Besides, due to the large distances, it usually makes troubles for the students to not go for school. However, middle pass are appointed as teachers and these so called teachers just play with students’ lives because they never come to attend the classes but always appear in taking salaries.

After all, I request the educational authorities to pay attention regarding this issue .In that case, government officers should have weekly observation to monitor the educational development in the schools.

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