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Dowry; a curse

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By Alina Shahid

According to Oxford dictionary, “An amount of property or money brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage”. Here I’m going to discuss some demerits of dowry. In simple ‘dowry is a curse.’ And in our society especially in Asian countries we warmly welcomed this curse. But it’s really more common in low society and in those people who are less educated and having conservative minds. They prefer property over a woman. Property is more preferable for them. But they can’t see the hidden aspects behind this curse. They demand for dowry as it’s their legal right. We don’t think that many girls are taken as a burden in their families because they think that they can’t deliver dowry to their daughters. Many girls committed suicide just due to overcome their family burden. Many girls are thrown on roads by people and murdered because their families can’t take over their burden. So they thought that they should be killed and these girls have no right to live according to them.

Secondly a big curse is dominating in our society that daughters are burden and curse but you’re wrong “Daughters are blessing of ALLAH”. You’ve to understand daughter isn’t a curse but dowry is a curse that we accepted happily. We should have to change this trend. We should give proper education to our sons so they become familiar about their responsibilities and stand up for their family facilities.

According to Prophet P.B.U.H, “The best Nikkah is one in which least amount of money has been spent”. Dowry is not an Islamic tradition. Those who ask for money, give them charity not your blessed daughter.

There are some steps to overcome this curse.
1. Educate yours daughters so they can stand up on their feet and find difference between good or evil.
2. Listen to them carefully so they can be familiar about their worth.
3. Treat them equally without any discrimination. In our society males are considered superior to females.
4. Encourage them to have their own career and give them a lot of confidential power so they can choose a better person for their life.

Now it’s up to you what is most important for you whether a curse or ALLAH’S blessing. I hope all will get my point.  

The writer is a student of Botany at Government College University, Faisalabad.                                         

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