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Education & health: top priority of PTI

Our govt will eradicate teachers appointment on political basis: Andleeb Abbas

By Ukasha Mughal

LAHORE: Education is the top priority of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government and Imran Khan announced to bring to schools the 25 million out-of-school-children in his victory speech. PTI government will spend most of its budget on education sector and KPK government proved this

Before Pakistan General Election 2018, Imran Khan presented 11-point agenda of his party. He started from education and promised to provide education of equal quality to the children of both rich and poor.

After election, Imran Khan said during his speech, “Two and a half crore Pakistani children are out of school”. He pledged to change the situation altogether after coming to power. “All of our policies will be focused on human development,” he added. Before elections, Khan said,

we will bring government schools at par with private schools, so that even a poor laborer’s child can get good education and can believe in the system.

While talking to “The Educationist” Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Andleeb Abbas said,

Education and health are first two priorities of PTI government. Our government will spend most of its budget on education sector and KPK government proved this.

Talking 25 million out-of-school children, as Imran Khan said in his last speech, Andleeb said,

When we will increase our education budget, we shall be able to send 2.5 crore children to school.

Andleeb further added while taking to The Educationist,

To improve the quality of education, we will work on the infrastructure of educational institutes. After that, we will improve the quality of teaching. For this our government will ensure proper attendance of teachers and we will eradicate the political based entries of teachers in educational institutes.

“Imran Khan will decide who is capable of becoming Education Minister,” She informed.

In its election manifesto 2018, PTI had announced, “to ensure 100% literacy rate besides introducing a uniform and standard education system in the country.”

In the last, province budget of KPK for 2017-18 more than 136.19 billion had allocated for education.

The non-governmental organization, Alif Ailaan has conducted the survey of the education progress in different parts of the country. The NGO has released the data during their education campaign, Pakistan District Education Rankings 2018.  Punjab is at third number and KPK is at fifth number. This ranking is same as that of 2017.

The NGO report appreciated KPK government performance in the educational sector in 2017 with spending of around 30 billion on infrastructure development including constructions of classrooms, boundary walls, electricity, drinking water and washrooms.

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