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Education in Faisalabad

Sajjad Ali

Lahore (July 29, 2019): Poor education standard and literacy rate in Faisalabad district is an alarming situation. It is a city with population of 2,506,595 and 60% literacy rate only. Literacy rate in rural areas is 16 % lower than in urban areas. There is also a wide difference between male and female literacy rate. In comparison to 59% male literacy, female literacy rate is 46 percent only.

72% males and 60% females aged 10 years and older are literate in Faisalabad. Overall, the district is ranked 09 among 37 districts on literacy indicator.

Approximately 51% of the enrolled populations of children in public schools are boys, compared to 49% girls. The situation at private schools, however, is different where enrollment of girl students is higher than boys. Seemingly, parents are more comfortable sending their girls to private institutions rather than public schools. This disparity in educational infrastructure and institutes results in gross inequality in educational development across the district.

In District Faisalabad, Gross Enrolment Rate (GER) is 81% at primary level, 57% at secondary level and 1% at higher secondary level. This statistic depicts that the drop-out rate increases with rise in education level.

Out of 1332 primary school, 8% have dangerous buildings, 63% buildings are of unsatisfactory condition while only 29% school buildings are satisfactory.

Children in the 3‐5 age group: 55% are enrolled (46% girls and 54% boys). Of this percentage, 61% children are enrolled in government schools and 39% in private educational institutes. Children in the 6 ‐16 age group: 88% are enrolled (39% girls and 61% boys). Of this percentage, 70% children are enrolled in government schools and 30% in private educational facilities. Out of school children: 12% children (6‐16 years) are not attending any school. Of this number, 53% are girls and 47% are boys.

The list of institutes, higher education and colleges is below:

Here are the higher education institutes in Faisalabad

Here is the list of colleges in district Faisalabad

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