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Effects of Whats App usage on the education of secondary school students

Effects of Whats App usage on the education of secondary school students

By Mohammad Shahzad

The world of communication is still changing due to the advances of information and communication technologies, has led to studies and research to discover possible approach in its application. One of the vital functions played in new technology is the development of smartphones. The smart phones are utilized as a process of communication in today’s world, because the social media plays a very important role in socialization, particularly through Whats App. It is one of the revolutionizes in technology that is normally used on specific mobile phones and computers. Since the Smartphone’s became very popular, numerous messaging services were initiated but Whats App has become most popular among them. Whats App messenger offers free texting and try to shift mobile consumers’ preference from the conventional short messages service.

Whats App is a globally popular instant messaging app for Smartphone. Whats App, founded in the year 2009, developed by former Yahoo employees Brian Acton and Jan Koum. Whats App messenger works with internet connectivity and assists its users to keep on in touch with friends, teachers and relatives in the contact list. It helps users to create groups, send unlimited message, sharing images, video and audio messages, exchanging ideas, thoughts and emotions to any other user. Today Whats App is the very popular instant messenger service used by individuals. The Whats App supported on most iPhone, Android, BlackBerry windows smart phone.The provision and access to learning materials with this instant messaging application from anywhere, anytime, and in various formats have a potential to enhance deep student learning capabilities.

The use of Whats App is very helpful for secondary students. Whats App has a new and cheaper way of communication. Students no longer need to pay the high call prices or choose a specific SMS pack; they can just download and use Whats App. It can be used for free as long as they have an internet connection and a smartphone. Whats App comes with a lot of features like – Students can share countless images, videos and audio lectures. It also allows them to share contacts online. It is an extremely easy to use app which facilitates connectivity for smooth working without complications. A very less amount of data is required to use it. Each step from creating an account to managing it is quite simple. Unlike other applications, which have very annoying ads popping every now and then, Whats App provides a relief from constantly featuring online pop-up ads. Whats App maintains its user’s privacy by its end to end encryption. The chats and data shared is secured and accessible to only the sender and receiver. Students also get the option to block any unwanted contacts. They can also see the status of messages thorough blue and grey ticks which help them know whether or not the receiver has received and read our messages or not. A very convenient way of chatting. In the life of a student, Whats App helps in sharing of various notes and study material. It also provides a platform for them to express freely in a non-restricted manner. The Whats App web is a fantastic extension towards the high-tech world by providing its interface on computer PC or laptop. It is an old saying that shot an arrow or spoken words can’t be taken back, but Whats App has changed the ages old perceptions by giving the option of deleting sent messages within seven minutes.

The effects of Whats App usage are very harmful on the education of secondary school students. This is because the secondary school student uses it as a time spending purpose like gossips, friendly chatting and songs sharing. Aloofness from Social Gathering, these days students tend to chat on Whats App even when they are hanging around with real world friends. This way either they left back at their studies or they are left alone gradually by their real-world friends when they don’t get your required response. Unwelcome Distraction, Students tend to check or chat on Whats App during an ongoing lecture or while studying. This ultimately harms their concentration and grades at studies. Creates Watchdog, this person is online and then why is still He not replying back? This is a common question comes in mind if there are no ping. It breaks their concentration even when they are studying or talking with parents or other people. Imaginative Gossip Collection, no need to talk or chat. Only one status is enough to create a gossip collection. They peep into your status so that they can ask, “What happened? Is everything okay?” It creates unwanted classroom and corridor discussions of one’s life. Shortened form of words, this is one of a real problem of using Whats App. They tend to write on Short forms or text language even in exams.

In precluding remarks Whats App helps in sharing of various notes and study material. It also provides a platform for students to express freely in a non-restricted manner.  but it also has started to become more of an addiction than convenience. It is not a black and white app but a grey app whose pros and cons depend on the user himself.

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