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New talent from Punjab University

Emerging new talent from Punjab University

By Javairia Shafiq

LAHORE: Punjab University student has released her debut cover song “Disco Deewane”- of the legend Nazia Hassan’s pop item from 1980’s.

Punjab University student of BS Food Science and Technology, Aisha Hareem, had a likeness for music ever since  she was a child, but her likeness changed into her passion in her university life.

Aisha’s true inspiration is Nazia Hassan, therefore, she decided to pursue her career with her evergreen song “Disco Deewane”. She learnt singing and the art to play various instruments within the period of 7 months. Aisha has her own You Tube channel on which display her art.

She was born in Gujranwala and wishes to study further in Lahore after her intermediate degree. This new talent will soon be a part of various projects in the following months.

To watch the video, click on the link below:


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