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Ethical dilemma of our educational institutions

Anam Chahudhry

Ethics and values are the significant and compulsory part of culture of any society. We need to know the importance of the ethics in our life. When you move in the society you are not known by how much you have in your pocket but the only thing that portrays you in any society is your behavior and attitude.

Culture is actually the sum up of dimensions of language, symbols, belief and values. If we talk about the primitive societies when there was no industrial revolution there were strong ties and people used to believe on the morality and strong conscience.

In the educational institutions the morals and values of behaving and reacting on different things is not taught to students. There is an age of strong competition but in reality, there is a deviance (recognized violation of cultural norms) and the concept of plagiarism copy paste is becoming so popular.

Favoritism and nepotism is the reason of increase in suicide cases day by day. It causes a hidden war within them. When students can’t bear the heaviness of such type of tensions, they became aggressive. This is not only happening in higher educational institutions but also at very low level. School students lose their confidence as teachers prioritize one student over the other.

In the young age it’s a time of personality building when you did such type of things at very young age it causes the disruption of whole personality. In the race of getting good grades, we actually are weakening the moral ties of our culture. We need to stop such type of unappreciated act in order to make the students valuable member of society.

Anam Chaudhry is MPhil scholar at ICS University of The Punjab and can be reached at Anumch917@gmail.com

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