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FINAL RESULTS-2nd All Pakistan Co-curricular Competitions, 2018


Final Result

Category /PositionName Name of Institution
Qiraat (SJ)
1stZaineb Bint e TahirThe Punjab School Township
2ndMuhammad QamarGhazali Model High School Ghakkar Campus
3rdRameen SarwarGarrison Academy, Sarwar Shaheed Campus, Lahore
Qiraat (SS)
1stHM Waqas AminThe Punjab School Township
2ndMuhammad Hamiz TanveerThe Punjab School Township
3rdMuhammad SulemanDanish School Boys DG Khan
Qiraat (CU)
1stHafiz Huzaifa tur RazzanPunjab University
2ndAbdul RehmanUET Lahore
3rdAbdul RasheedGovt. Higher Secondary School No.4 Peshawar
Naat (SJ)
1stAbdul QadirWapda High School Shalamar Lahore
2ndSyed Ali HusainWapda High School Shalamar Lahore
3rdRohama JawadThe Punjab School Township
Naat (SS)
1stMuhammad KhizarDanish School Boys Hasilpur
2ndBakhsh IlahiWapda High School Shalamar Lahore
3rdHamid YasinThe Punjab School Township
Naat (CU)
1stMuhammad JahanzaibDegree College Sakurdu
2ndHaseeb KhalidPunjab University
3rdSyeda Fatima Wajeeh BukhariGCU Faisalabad
3rdMuhammad TalhaPunjab University
Painting (SJ)
1stZainab AliGarrison Academy, Sarwar Shaheed Campus, Lahore
2ndAhmed AbdullahGhazali Model High School Ghakhar Campus
3rdRida FatimaGarrison Academy, Sarwar Shaheed Campus, Lahore
Painting (SS)
1stEeman ShahzadThe Punjab School Township
2ndNoor E HiraThe Punjab School Township
3rdMuhammad ShahzaibDanish School Boys, Mianwali
3rdHamda SaeedWapda High School Shalamar Lahore
Painting (CU)
1stAmna SiddiquePunjab University
2ndShahzadi AmnaLahore Institute of Future Education
3rdUsama IshaqGCU Lahore
Declamation (English)
Declamation (SJ)
1stYousafGarrison Academy, Sarwar Shaheed Campus, Lahore
2ndSomia MajidGarrison Academy, Sarwar Shaheed Campus, Lahore
3rdRoshni HassanThe Punjab School, Township
Declamation (SS)
1stArsal TemuriThe Punjab School, Township
2ndNoman AhmedDanish School Boys, RYK
3rdUmaima CheemaThe Punjab School, Township
Declamation (CU)
1stAreej NasirCMH Medical College Lahore
2ndMasooma FatimaPunjab University
3rdHaseeb SultanNUST EME College Rawalpindi
Declamation (Urdu)
Declamation (SJ)
1stAbdul RehmanWapda High School, Shalamar Lahore
2ndIman FatimaThe Punjab School, Township
3rdMinahil ShahbazLinderhof School System
Declamation (SS)
1stM. ImranDanish School Boys, DG Khan
2ndUsama Abdul RehmanDaanish School Boys, Hasilpur
3rdZakiur RehmanThe Punjab School, Township
Declamation (CU)
1stAmna GhafoorGCU, Lahore
2ndKashaf Sehar RanaGCU, Faisalabad
3rdFaizan NawazCollege of Pharmacy, Punjab University
Declamation (Punjabi)
Declamation (SS)
1stLaiba Zubair KhanThe Punjab School, Township
2ndSania BibiDaanish School Girls, RYK
3rdAmna BibiGhazali Model High School, Ghakhar Campus
Declamation (CU)
1stUsman PashaGCU, Faisalbad
2ndTauseefGCU, Lahore
3rdSaleeem BazmiPunjab University
Cartoon (SJ)
2ndMuhammad AhmedGarrison Academy, Sarwar Shaheed Campus, Lahore
3rdSoloman AsifGarrison Academy, Sarwar Shaheed Campus, Lahore
Cartoon (SS)
1stM. JabbarDanish School Boys, Chishtian
2ndMuhammad ShahzaibDanish School Boys, Mianwali
3rdHamda SaeedWapda High School, Shalamar Lahore
Cartoon (CU)
1stNabeel ur RemanGCU, Faisalabad
2ndAlishba ShakeelSuperior College, Lahore
3rdWaqas ZahirUMT, Lahore
Photography (SS)
1stWaqas AhmedDanish School Boys, Chishtian
Photography (CU)
1stMuzna HaqUniversity of Faisalabad
2ndAqsa JavaidGovt Sadiq College Women University, Bwp
3rdKashaf ud Duja RiazPunjab University
National Songs 
National Songs (SJ)
1stFateh ShahLahore Grammar School (LGS)
2ndSolomon AsifGarrison Academy, Sarwar Shaheed Campus, Lahore
3rdMinna SaqibGarrison Academy, Sarwar Shaheed Campus, Lahore
National Songs (SS)
1stHamid YasinThe Punjab School, Township
1stAsharab AliCity School System
2ndLaraib FatimaPunjab Daanish Schools Girls, DG Khan
2ndRai HasenLahore Grammar School (LGS)
3rdWali ul HaqLahore Grammar School (LGS)
3rdSaira KhalidGovt. Model Girls High School, Qalandarpura Lahore
National Songs (CU)
1stSamia MirajKinnaird College
1stZahid HusainGCU Lahore
2ndMohsin FayyazPunjab University
2ndYumna ArshadLahore Collage For Woman University
3rdUmair LiaqatGovt.  Arif HSS, Mustafa Abad Lahore
3rdZahabBahria University
Poetry Urdu
Poetry Urdu (SJ)
1stUmme HabibaGarrison Academy, Sarwar Shaheed Campus, Lahore
2ndRida FatimaGarrison Academy, Sarwar Shaheed Campus, Lahore
Poetry Urdu (SS)
1stWaqar YounisDaanish School Boys, Chishtian
2ndMalik Minahil RiazDaanish School Girls, Attock
3rdSehar BanoDaansih School Girls, Hasilpur
Poetry Urdu (CU)
1stAllah TawakkalPunjab University
2ndMuhammad RazaPunjab University
3rdNoor ul AinPunjab University
Poetry English 
Poetry English (SJ)NameInstitute Name
1stM. AhmadGarrison Academy, Sarwar Shaheed Campus Lahore
Poetry English (SS)
2ndBareeraDaanish School Girls RYK
Poetry English CU)
1stMaham MasoodLahore Garrison University (LGU)
2ndSyeda Qandeel ZahraPunjab University
3rdM. Aziz TahirNational University of Modern Languages (NUML)
Poetry Punjabi
Poetry Punjabi (SS)
1stM. HasnatWapda High School, Shalamar Lahore
Poetry Punjabi (CU)
1stSaleem BazmiPunjab University
2ndUsman Asghar PashaGCU Faisalabad
Essay Writing English
Essay English (SS)
1stAyesha NoorWapda High School, Shalamar Lahore
2ndFatima AmanatullahThe Punjab School, Township
3rdJavaria IjazThe Punjab School, Township
Essay English (CU)
1stSarmad MumtazPunjab University
2ndTanzeem AnjumPunjab University
3rdFarwa MunirUMT
Essay Writing Urdu
Essay Urdu (SS)
1stTasmia BibiDaanish School Girls Attock
2ndRab NawazDaanish School Boys DG Khan
3rdSumaira SajjadDaanish School Girls RYK
3rdHassan AbdullahThe Punjab School, Township
Essay Urdu (CU)
1stHafiz Hussain AbdullahGC Lahore
2ndRutaba KamranPunjab University
3rdMuzammal HussainPunjab University
Essay Writing Punjabi
Essay Punjabi (CU)
2ndM. Usman Asghar  PashaGCU, Faisalabad
3rdSaleem BazmiPunjab University
Drama (Schools)Institute Name
1stGarrison Academy, Sarwar Shaheed Campus, Lahore
2ndDanish School Girls, RYK
3rdDanish School Boys, Chishtian
Drama (CU)Institute Name
2ndPunjab University
3rdFC College University
Drama Competitions Individual Category Result 2018
Schools Category
Best SetDaanish School Attock
Best Supporting RoleSidra from Daanish Girls Rahim Yar Khan
Best ActorDaanish School Chistian Boys
Best ConceptDaanish School Girls DG Khan
Best DirectionDaanish School Chistian Boys
College/ University category
Best DirectionPunjab University
Best Negative RoleAmmar from BZU Multan
Best CommonFaisal Nawaz, GCU Faisalabad
Best ActorTalha Nadeem, FC College
KEYSJ = School Junior
SS = School Senior
CU = College University
  • Congratulations to winners and best of luck all participants. All team are requested to come Faisal Auditorium for Prize Distribution Ceremony. They will be given trophies, shields and certificates would be given.
  • Certificates will be given to all participants. Please come with list of your participants.
  • Reporting time at Faisal Auditorium Punjab University is 8 AM.
  • Participants may also bring their parents, teachers and colleagues with them.
  • School students will come in their school uniform.
  • Thanks all for active participation and cooperation.

Final Result

College University


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