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Fine will be charged for spitting and littering at heritage site

By Zainab Saba

LAHORE: (21th Feb, 2019): Punjab police arrested those people who throw rubbish on Mall Road or other heritage sites in Lahore. According to Lahore High Court verdict, Justice Ali Akbar Qureshi instructed to impose a fine to those persons who spit and litter on Mall Road and Historical places of Lahore, but ignore the underdeveloped areas of Lahore.

In past few months, the Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA) follow the directions of Lahore High Court (LHC), has imposed a fine of Rs 100 to prevent littering at historic sites of the city. The Authority team has also put up cautioning boards all across the heritage sites to make people aware of the punishment.

WCLA is potentially working and also distributing posters among people to educate them regarding the importance of “Clean Green Pakistan” campaign launched by Prime Minister, Imran Khan. Correspondingly, following the order of Lahore High Court (LHC), the authority team imposed fine tickets to 21 tourists for littering the Lahore Fort on 15 October 2018. Similarly the team also fined six visitor on 12 October 2018 for littering the Royal trail.

We have imitated a strict action against those people who throw rubbish on historical places of Lahore. Initially we are fined Rs 100 for littering according to the Lahore High Court (LHC) orders but this fine will gently increase, WCLA Director (Marketing and Social Mobilisation) Asif Zaheer said. Moreover, we are actively working on keeping the heritage site clean and team members have been asked to inform about the visitors about it, said the director.

Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan for littering. It is the negligence of our Government who keep the specific areas of Lahore clean but totally neglected the other areas of Lahore. Throwing garbage on road or open land not only pollutes our environment but also effect human health. It is unlawful act and also portrays the bad image of the citizen all over the world. The most habitual littered staff contains food packaging, cigarette packets, drink bottles, junk food wrappers, broken glasses and other solid waste.

People deliberately throwing of items from cars, irrespective of whether they belong to literate family or illiterate family but littering is a disgusted or dangerous activities and should not be taken easily because it pollute our environment as well as land. It has also health hazards effects in the society. People create a mess and they do it all the time without even thinking about its consequences. Rubbish that is left around to escalate and rot attracts the germs and other flies rotten food and decaying stuffs promulgate toxins and pungent odors which are badly harmful for human being.

Laziness and carelessness has propagate a culture of littering. It is common to see people are too lazy and they throw trash out of their terrace and window because it promote the concept of littering. When these people go to any public place or road they throw trash not in their proper places because they become habitual of the littering.

Littering creates a many problems for human beings but unfortunately people do not aware of it. Litter can contains dangerous objects that can cause physical damage such as needles, broken glasses, blades, plastic bags and cigarette butts. Surprisingly people usually do not feel ashamed about littering in ways where rubbish is already spread around.

PGR Cardiology Doctor, Dr. Youmna said about the awareness of littering and its effects in human health. Firstly people are not aware about it and it became habit of it. You see people move in cars and throw their solid waste in roads, parks, public places and another open land. They totally forget their positions whether they belong to upper class or lower class. Rubbish create germs and harmful toxin odors that directly affect human health and promote many diseases. As a citizen it’s our moral responsibility to ensure that our country is clean and unpolluted.

The power to diminish it is in our hands. Media also play a significant role in it. Media produce awareness campaign about it because it has great impact in human beings. It is not only duty of government because they have set up bins everywhere but we people are not literate even if we have a degree. We throw rubbish on road and spitting on the everywhere so media is the role model for it. Media can do it and become people aware its consequences and its impact.

Clinical psychologist, Samra said that it is our moral ethics that we do it. Parents and teachers should clarify a good example for their children by never dumping their wrappers on the street. Whenever you take your children on a ride buy them food on the way, make sure they don’t throw their wrappers out the window.

Keep a shopping bag inside your car and empty it in your garbage can when you’re back at home or throw it in a waste bin you find on the way. Teachers can also arrange trips for students and take them to polluted natural sites and explain how inappropriate and miserable this is. Then they should order their students to help keep the environment clean by gathering the litter they encounter on that site and disposing it of properly.

They should advice their students to discard the rubbish they come across while they’re walking down an alley or a street. Teachers should ensure that their students clean up after themselves after their break from class. They should be asked to tidy up the part of the classroom where they sit, after school.

The sanitary rules you implement at home shouldn’t be shrugged off when you’re on the road. When you’re outside your house, you’re still in your country; it is still your home. Even if you’re abroad, you can’t deny the fact that you’re still in your planet; it’s still your home. It is not just the municipal corporation’s responsibility to keep your country clean.

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