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Gender discrimination

By Waqas Gullab

Nature has divided human beings into two halves and both are given responsibilities which suit them, along with assigning the responsibilities, nature has very clearly stated the rights of both on each other. gender discrimination is a practice which we face when both the genders show the desire of substituting their duties without giving due credit to each other. in such scenario the powerful became aggressor and other the victim of aggression.

Discrimination represents a significant social problem in Pakistan as well as throughout the world. girls face discrimination everywhere in the world. They often receive less food than boys do, have less entrée to schooling and work long hours. Why can’t we see the helpless agony of the girl child in our society? Their ignorance will certainly beget to forget our cause, which is still fractured in the regions.

Whenever i hear about any violence against a woman, a deep wave of an anger rises in my heart and i become sad. The most harmful practice that have been observed in recent times is that of “acid attacks” on women to burn them alive; it is not just violation of human rights but also humanity. We can see that gender equality is tilted towards men rather than women. in our society people think that women can perform household jobs only, so they do not need any formal education.

But today women are getting higher education and working nearly in every field. But this conservative thinking of people in our society and our typical rituals affect the womenfolk badly. They have to live in a society which is full of social issues, like gender discrimination, violation of human rights, child abuse, rapes, child marriages and human harassment at work places, and can be seen everywhere.

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