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Gender Discrimination

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By Waqas Gullab

Despite the presence of equality laws all across the globe, women are treated unequally. In the world of technological advancement, the plague of gender discrimination remains. Gender discrimination not only lies in the underdeveloped countries but also prevails in the developed ones.

It is sad to see that in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, where the women are to be protected and men are said to be their guardians. We witness various events which mostly involve the gender violence. The most harmful practice that have been observed in recent times is acid attacks on women to burn them alive, which is not just violation of human rights but also humanity.

We can see that gender equality is tilted towards men rather than women. In our society, people think that women can perform household jobs only, so they do not need any formal education. Despite this stereotype, women are getting higher education and working nearly in every field. But this conservative thinking of people in our society and our typical rituals affect the womenfolk badly.

They have to live in a society which is full of social issues, like gender discrimination, violation of human rights, child abuse, rapes, child marriages and human harassment at work places, and can be seen everywhere. Gender discrimination is a very harmful activity to everyone in this world.

Most of the people think that gender discrimination doesn’t really bring any negative effect to the community and society. They do not really comprehend the severity of gender discrimination to the community. The population of women is shrinking in China as the result of gender selection.

Lastly, men should not discriminate women as it is stated “behind every successful man, there is a woman.” This quote clearly refers to the role women in the success of men.

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