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Health and nutrition tips

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By Rutaba

There has always been confusion regarding health and nutrition. With the advancing science, research has shown some very easy-to-follow health and nutrition tips. Here are a few tips that you can follow for a healthy lifestyle:


Nuts are rich in good fats. Along with how much we daily take in the bad fats in our regular meals, we also need to take the good fats which is essential for our muscle building and for the effective working of the body.

Say “no” to junk food

No matter how bad it is for our health, we love junk food. There is no problem in eating junk food but don’t make it a habit that you can’t change. Some people are so much addicted to it that they can’t eat healthy food. This type of regular intake can cause very serious problems and diseases.


We all fish. The fat in fish is not only good for our health but also for our hair, eyes, bones, muscles and skin.


People have this misconception in their mind that coffee is bad for our health. However, coffee contains such chemicals in it that are very beneficial for our body.

Make water your best friend 

Drink a lot of water if you want to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Water is very good for the skin problems, for the muscles and in short of every part of our body.

Don’t overcook your meal 

Overcooking your meal makes the meal useless. In a sense that it may fill your stomach but it will lose its minerals and all the other vitamins in them. So, make sure not to overcook your meal.

Take care of your eyes 

Take good care of your eyes and make sure you treat them well. Don’t expose your eyes to high intensity light before going to sleep. Do not use cell phone or any other gadget before going to sleep. Do not use these gadgets while lying on the bed. Do not use them in the dark. Eat carrots and other vegetables that are good for your eyes.

Vegetables and fruits 

Most of the people don’t like eating vegetables and some don’t like fruits. One should be consuming a particular amount of vegetables and fruits on daily basis for better health.

Don’t go on a diet 

Never go on a diet and especially not on the crash diet. Never skip any meal. It will not lessen your weight but will make you weaker and vulnerable.

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