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Household problems caused by COVID-19

By Saher Mukhtar

Around the world, most of the countries have faced lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus and to save the lives of people. Due to lockdown of this pandemic all the family members stuck at home together gatherings, no outdoor activities and just have to stay at home with precautionary measures.
This lockdown caused so many household problems as all the people were inside homes.

Some household problems caused by COVID-19 are as follows;

Domestic Violence

In the lockdown situation domestic violence against women didn’t stop and reached to its peak.

According to a BBC Reporter
Its thought cases of domestic violence have increased 20% during the lockdown, as many people are trapped at home with their abusers.

According to a document released by UNODC (United Nations Office on drugs and Crimes),the statistics of domestic violence against women are as follows;

According to this document in China the domestic violence cases reported to the local police tripled in February,2020 at the height of the corona crisis.
France police reported a nationwide spike about 30% in domestic violence.
In UK Calls to the national abuse hotline went up by 65 percent. (The UK’s
largest domestic abuse charity, Refuge, has reported a 700% increase
in calls to its helpline in a single day, while a separate helpline for
perpetrators of domestic abuse seeking help to change their behaviour received 25% more calls after the start of the Covid-19 lockdown.)
In India the National Commission for Women (NCW) which receives complaints of domestic violence from across the country, recorded a more than two-fold rise in gender based violence during initial lockdown period.
Reports of domestic violence in Cyprus have witnessed 30% increase in calls in the first week of stay-at-home measures.

According to another report In Pakistan  Government officials reported 25% increase in domestic violence incidents during the lockdown across eastern Punjab province with authorities registering 3217 cases between March and May.

Anita Bhatia, the Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Women tells TIME that “the very technique we are using to protect people from the virus can perversely impact victims of domestic violence.” She added that “while we absolutely support the need to follow these measures of social distancing and isolation, we also recognize that it provides an opportunity for abusers to unleash more violence.”

Livelihood Problems

In this world most of the people work on daily wages ,they earn their money to provide food to their children and to fulfil their basic needs on daily bases. Coronavirus lockdown has affected the household lives of daily wagers. Sometimes during lockdown these people even don not have sufficient food to provide to their kids and families.

Children’s problems

During the lockdown to keep children at home was a big household problem faced by the parents. The schools were closed. All the places were shut down including parks,resturantes etc. There were no out door activities during lockdown. In this situation it was not easy for parents to remain children inside the houses.
During this pandemic lockdown period the children also faced some psychological issues. As they were afraid of losing their loved ones and stress of not being able to meet their friends and other people again. It was a difficult time for children as well as for parents to stay at home.

Conflict among family members

Lockdown became a reason of conflict among family members. During that time children were full of anger and stress and they release their anger by fighting with their other siblings. Conflicts between couples and among other family members have also been reported during pandemic lockdown

Excessive burden on Housewives

Lockdown had also increased the work load on house wives. As all the members were inside homes during this period the women faced lots of problems like anger, stress etc.

Time management for online classes of children

To manage time for the online classes was a challenge for parents as sometimes kids feel lazy they do not want to take class so to prepare them for classes was a difficult task for parents.

Elder members of the family

The Corona lockdown also affected the elder members of the family. Before the lockdown the elder members could outside for walking. In the pandemic lockdown they can not go anywhere.

During the lockdown period people faced a lot of household problem. It was a difficult time for all the people to stay at home. The children elders ,house wives were disturbed by the lockdown of this pandemic.

The writer is a student of M.Sc Digital Media at Institute of Communication Studies,University of the Punjab Lahore,Pakistan.

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