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How students can earn online? Unfolding the trend of freelancing in Pakistan

Iqra Rafiq Ahmad

Pakistan is ranked among top five most popular countries in the world for freelancing in the OL index 2017. More than 200,000 Pakistani work online and generate revenue of approx. 1 trillion dollars annually. This figure is expanding gradually. It clearly depicts the talent of our people, especially students who are a key factor in this regard. In Pakistan, the concept of earning money online came very late but as we all know: “better late than never.”

Now many universities are offering E-Commerce courses to enrich the students with digital skills. Also, the govt. is taking different initiatives for unemployed people. One such step is the e-Rozgar scheme introduced by PITB. The E-Rozgar team has established different training centers in 36 cites of Punjab where they have trained more than 9000 young people.

The purpose of this program is to instruct the freelancers and escalate their professional capacities. Similarly, another successful program by PITB is Digiskills. It is an online video course series which gives students a foundation for freelancing. So, the options are broad for the students who are currently enrolled in any degree program or have just finished their studies. They can simply enroll themselves in these training programs because it is all free.

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