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Human rights behind “Iron-curtain’’ in Kashmir

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Ahmad Rana

Stories of blood shed, wondering eyes of orphans, wailing mothers for their sons, fearful children in haunted streets with red creases of blood under curfew are grave concerns of human rights violations in Kashmir. Unendurable visuals of Kashmiri people can be seen, voices can be heard and palettes injuries  can be felt only, this fate never been chosen to live for any one by choice. 

The universal declaration of Human rights is still more a dream than reality . The UN universal declaration of human rights is a document with 30 articles guarantee the basic rights and freedom of every person in the world . The issue of Kashmir is humanitarian more than legal and egoistic slogans and policies of states. The world should realise that the basic rights to live is a question mark for the pundits of humanity across the globe. Twitter diplomacy , protests with play cards, rallies and chanted slogans nor feed the whimpering babies in hunger, neither save the lives of people. Diplomatic avenues have done nothing for uplifting the imposed curfew or  “raising the iron curtain “ yet. 

The digital India lost its digital mantra when it comes to Indian occupied Kashmir . Nothing comes out but filtered & controlled . No one , even Indian opposition leader Rahul Gandhi , is allowed to visit valley

Deployment of thousands of troops to quell any possible unrest , use of excessive force with pallet guns , detained political leadership and crack downs make people even not to attend funerals. They also cannot visit hospitals and treat their injuries. If normalcy is restored then why curfew isn’t uplifted from the valley .The recent report of UN high commissioner for human rights highlighted the situation of human rights violations  committed by Indian forces in Indian occupied Kashmir.

According to report, 21 civilians were killed in first 03 months of 2019. It shows that 1253 people have been blinded by the metal pallets used by security forces from 2016 to the end of 2018. There were 25 instances of internet shutdown experienced in first 04 months of 2019. 

All overtures made for peace through dialogue & diplomatic efforts resulted in invalidating of 370 and article 35-A. The ruling party BJP, the off shoot of RSS, along with NDA (National Democratic Alliance) managed unilaterally to strip away kashmiri’s autonomy in Lok Sabha.

The right to vote is widely  recognized as a  fundamental  human right .The election commission of India’s report of recent Lok Sabha election shows very low turn out in three Jamu & Kashmir’s Muslim majority constituencies. Out of six constituencies of LoK sabha – Anantnag, Sirinagar and Baramula as 8.80% , 14.8% and 34% respectively. 

India’s Hindu nationals government is responsible to fuel the fire to the religious extremism in Gandhi’s India. Is this the real face of so called “plural India “ ? Is India still a “secular democracy “ ? Or Is Modi’s India justifying the two nation theory for the historians who write for united india ? Modi’s, Fascist intentions and pro Hindu acts , is the justification of “Day of Deliverance” celebrated by India Muslims in 1939 when rule of hostility was over after resignation of congress from ministries .

The anti-Muslim intentions are still seen in Kashmir and other parts in India by RSS backed BJP.  However, Nerender Modi justified this act as this could protect marginalised section of society, provide dignity to women and bring social betterment .

Curfew with gross human violations, fear of genocide , victims of pallets the blind people are the real story of Modi’s so called “positive change’’  in Kashmir coupled behind the iron curtain. 

Imposing movement restrictions , cutting telephone and internet , arresting targeted educated people , are not only the clear violations of human rights but also the question mark on Democracy claimed by today’s India .

No religion is above humanity – seems mere a phrase to be written on the walls of so called guardians of human rights, watchdogs and several organisations across the globe .

Threat of military escalation between neulcear armed neighbours is about to stimulate the threshold that can be disastrous not only for the region but for the globe as well. The UNSC giants should feel the gravity of the situation through the glasses of human rights violation rather to see their vested interests .

How can national interests of states be above humanity and welfare of the people without peace? Undoubtedly, the national interests are linked for the welfare of humanity. There is need to mediation of influential leaders and common friends to end the curfew at earliest.

UN and world organisations should play their role of mediators for the fate of Kashmiri people only.

The basic right of travel, right to education, right to live should be ensured immediately  before going any consensus among Kashmiri people, Pakistan and India. This issue should be taken on humanity grounds ,while discussing any solution through legal fraternities or states egoistic behaviours in politico-strategical designs of nuclear neighbours . Claim of Kashmir should be decided by the people of Kashmir, rather the will of Islamabad and Delhi . Basic Rights of People of Kashmir should be restored and it should be protected without any delay till they start living the way they want in the streets of Jamu & Kashmir with out restrictions & iron-curtain. 

Writer of this article is a News Anchor, social activist and blogger, consultant and a corporate trainer.

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