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Impact of Packaging on Consumer Buying Perception and Creating Brand Value

Does packaging really affect our buying behavior towards the product?

By Aiza Ijaz

Communication through packaging is what all the brands do. Packaging of the product basically works as a tool to create differentiation and uniqueness among brands. When people take a look at the product, first thing that appeals them is packaging. Sometimes, we go for shopping, something just catches our attention and we cannot move towards the next product without buying that. The saying, ‘’first impression is the last impression’’, it works in this marketing world. Judgments about the product are also created just by looking at it and it is totally reflected by the consumer’s behavior. Packaging is done to protect the content inside and to keep it safe from hazardous environment like moist, excessive heat, gases and chemicals etc. Also color, font, style of the package matter a lot.

Packaging factor cannot be ignored because it is the product related attribute and gives first impression of the brand. Before the actual product, thing that matters the most is its packaging and attractive elements involved which has positive effects on consumer’s behavior. Brands with their choice of colors create an emotional relationship with the consumer. Colors used by brands remain and stay in our unconscious and when we see red and white color, we instantly think of coca cola. Creating a relationship with consumer is important for a brand to work.

People have different values, preferences and they evaluate a brand differently. Some people look at the packaging and despite of the fact it catches their most attention, they would still prefer other attributes such as durability, quality or handiness over packaging. Packaging is form of communication with consumer, a brand building tool that communicates brand identity. Also works as a symbolic interaction between brand and buyer. Many factors involved in packaging like color, font size, quality, material used for packaging. Another thing that works in the run of brand is using sensory images. The images and colors used on the product have more value than the information written on it as it is the main source of attraction for consumers. According to a survey conducted among people aging 20 to 45, result came out positive that packaging really does affect consumer’s perception towards the product.

Now what the brand should do to increase its value is to better understand the strategies of its competitors and evaluate what they are producing. Customer research sector should study the previous customers, existing customers, intermediaries, and industry experts. They should work in getting the exact information about people’s preferences. Brand’s value is dependent on how it fulfills the promises and demands of customers and satisfy them with their needs. Design of package can lead to the establishment of brand recognition that means ability of the customer to remember the product on basis of logo, slogan, graphic etc. So, proves that packaging is the silent salesperson in creating consumer perception and brand value.

The writer is a student of MSc Digital Media at Institute of Communication Studies, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.

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