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Improving social behaviors

By Maaz Ahmad

How far should political rivalry be taken? Other than Political victimization, humiliating some one’s inability to lower his or her standards? Abusing? Misuse of personal information to weaken someone’s strength before you get into a combat,  I strongly believe this is the time to change a few philosophies we have been following for a very long time, Just as “Everything is fair in love and war ” , “History repeats itself”. 

Every mighty thing in the world has some rules and regulations. Why not in love and war, history repeats itself is quite a confusing proverb which is often used to justify most of the injustice across the globe. Well I think it only repeats itself if you don’t learn to change it. Despite this ideology if there is no solution other than being at war against system, an ideology or some other nation, some humanitarian rules earn moral victories and they always bring reverence home. 

The reason I started thinking about this with an unconventional approach was the level of resistance I had to face working for establishing local government. I have been able to interact with Federal Investigation Agency through another department, Local Government and Community Development Directly, Punjab Food Authority and Quite a few others. Based on my experiences with these departments of local government, I have been able to form an opinion about what system needs right now. I would like to bring this into the notice of the concerned. 

Everything that can possibly create or nurture a nuisance value should be stopped through polite public service messages, just like awareness about an unintentional spilling garbage where ever you want, Spitting on the roads, cleanliness is the most important pillar for a better healthcare system. Better use of internet should be taught through messages and another important thing is awareness about crimes that are not reported on TV like old traditional crime stories. Robbery, murder, mobile phone snatching, theft and gambling. Bringing improvement with literary movements, journalistic endeavors, Fine Arts, Music, Theater, Films and other sophisticated forms of art is much needed, particularly about mob lynching.

Being an accessory to crime, damaging public or individual’s health, political system, nuisance for social, religious or moral values.

I strongly believe that this is the best way for bringing behavioral corrections in a system where there is not a standardized education system for everyone and different social classes are struggling to improve the quality of Life. This can surely instill our young generation with a confidence to improve their tomorrow.  

The writer of this article is a management consultant who is working for good governance. He can be reached at maaz47123@gmail.com

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