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Killing of another innocent Kashmiri by Indian Army

By Qurrat-ul-Ain Kamal

This picture is showing a three-year-old child who is sitting on his grandfather’s dead body in Sopore town of Indian occupied Kashmir. This
incident has stirred anger in the Muslim majority region, with the family of the deceased accusing the security forces of killing the 65-year-old civilian during a gunfight. The victim’s brother Nazir Ahmad Khan asked about Bashir Ahmad Khan by saying that,

My brother was not a militant. He did not carry a gun. Why was he killed?” He told Al-Jazeera that, “If  you want, I can come with you to meet the top police officers to counter their claims.

The Police rejected all of his family’s allegations by saying
that the victim’s vehicle had gotten caught in a gun battle between rebels and security forces.

Inspector General of police in Kashmir, Vijay Kumar while briefing media on the incident said that rebels opened fire at security forces from a mosque in the northern town of Sopore resulting in a gun battle on Wednesday. Kumar further added that one security official was killed and three were injured. “The family is being pressurized by the militants
to blame it on the security forces,” Kumar said.

But the victim’s family protested against the police claim. “We received a call that my father had met with an accident,” Victim’s son, Suhail
Ahmad, told Al Jazeera.

When we reached Sopore, we were told he was killed in a crossfire. If it was a crossfire, his body should’ve been inside the car, but it was found on the road.”

Khan’s nephew, Aijaz Ahmad Qudsi, explained to the Anadolu news agency his deceased uncle’s car was unharmed, with not even a scratch. Qudsi claimed the 65-year-old was taken from his car and shot by the
armed forces.

The family members also condemned the security forces for putting the
child on the deceased civilian’s body “for taking pictures”. “They dragged the body out and put the child on top. The child’s clothes were drenched in his grandfather’s blood,” one of Khan’s relatives claimed. The family
said the man was a small-time employee who earned 6,000 rupees ($80) per month.

The photo of the toddler lying on the body of his dead grandfather got viral on social media. A representative for India’s ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) faced criticism for ridiculing the picture of
the dead civilian. Sambit Patra tweeted the photo with the comment “Pulitzer Lovers??” BJP leaders, including Patra, had criticised the
awarding of the Pulitzer Prize to three Kashmir journalists in May, claiming the photos and commentary on them were “anti-India”.
Hundreds of people in Kashmir staged protests on Wednesday in the wake of the killing.

Later on Wednesday, hundreds gathered at the man’s funeral near Srinagar, shouting

We want freedom [from Indian rule].

The writer is a student of M.Sc CommunicationStudies Digital Media at Institute of Communication Studies University of the Punjab Lahore.

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