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Lack of natural resources at Karak

Respected editor,

In 1982, the status of district was given to Karak which is located between Kohat and Bannu. By the grace of Almighty Allah, Karak is fully laden with natural resources i.e gas and oil. This district supplies 7000 barrel oil and 2500 cubic feet gas to the whole country daily but unfortunately the residents of Karak still uses woods as a fuel to the fire.
Apart from these, there are many other natural resources  present in the district such as salt, gypsum and uranium. All these resources are very much beneficent to state level but dilemma is that the residents of this district are not provided with benefits of these resources. The ratio of the fatal disease i.e. cancer; that is rapidly increasing that in very other home, patients are left uncured due to lack of uranium. Government has established an atomic energy plant in this district but there is no proper sewerage system for poisonous discharge from the plant.
In some areas of Karak, people bring drinking water from far flung areas on donkeys. There is an 18 hours power outage per day.
People of Karak are in this bad situation mainly because of our politicians.
Arish khan
Writer can be reached at: arishkhan0102@gmail.com 

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