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Letter to the editor

By Ali Afzal Khan

Language is the most important medium of communication. That is why most of developed nation in the world use their national language as a source of instruction. Use of national and native language as a medium of instruction clarifies all type of concepts.

Most of the developed nations use their national language even to deal with international subjects like science etc. China had allowed modernity in 1980’s in their country but they never compromised on their national language to be dominated by other foreigner language in their country.

Urdu is the most understood language all over the Pakistan. Every individual in Pakistan is familiar with Urdu language but when we carefully evaluate our curriculum then presence of English as compulsory subject is dominating and, in most of the levels, affect the results of students who are unable to score good marks in English related subjects.

Most of curriculum that needs conceptual approach should be in native or national language but in Pakistan where people don’t have command over English language are bound to learn subjects in English. This effect student’s results in exam and legacy of bad result in English related subject’s clear testimony in this regard. Even though they pass the exam, their concepts are not clear or formed.

One more thing I want to add that there is a notion in Pakistan that we can’t progress without English language but most successful countries like Germany, China, Japan and USA used their own language as a medium of instruction and their progress is clearly neglecting this notion.

Our lack of knowledge in English affects not only our results but also our morale. If we give English an optional status and brings important conceptual based curriculum in Urdu than there is a great possibility of good results for students in exams.

So, through this platform of The Educationist, I want to draw the attention of Punjab Curriculum and Text Book Board (PCTB), Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE), Education Ministry and Pakistan Planning Commission as well as other stake holders to lay down such a mechanism by which curriculum will increase the efficiency of the students.

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